Pictures of cute vintage trailers (Part 1)

Vintage trailer photos

We went to the Northern Indiana Vintage Trailer Rally to do some filming for “Aluminitis: Our Modern Love of Vintage Trailers” this weekend. SO MUCH EYE CANDY! I love vintage campers. The history, the sentimental journeys, the stories…and the people in the community are so smart, kind, resourceful, and FUNNY! The first night I took […]

Vintage trailer rally Instagram party!

Join the Instagram Vintage Camper Rally! #vintagetintrailer

If you looooove looking at pictures of adorable vintage trailers, this is the time to follow my Instagram account. I’m heading to an area rally in the morning to participate and do some filming for our documentary, “Aluminitis”. Click the image below to head on over and  follow along. And if you have any cute pics of your […]

Vintage camper road trip: Great Smoky Mountains National Park


In a couple of weeks I’m loading up the Avion with Fi & Will and heading to Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a few days. I’ve been once with my oldest daughter, but that was over 10 years ago. We’re all looking forward to another fabulous road trip. Earlier this summer we all drove […]

Fountain pens


I’ve always enjoyed fountain pens. I think they’re so romantic. I remember my grandmother having a large antique secretary desk in her living room. Aside from her stationery, it also contained a glass inkwell, ink, and a dip pen. She had the most beautiful handwriting. Fountain pens have come and gone from my life over […]

Old House Love


We spent yesterday just wandering and exploring downtown Geneva, IL. Geneva is a suburb about an hour outside Chicago and Sundays they host an absolutely charming French Market. Amongst all the eye-catching beauty of the town, these homes stood out as truly swoon-worthy. Who doesn’t love a crisp white clapboard house with dark shutters and bright […]

What next? Blog mishmash

Hi guys! I’ve been wondering what’s next for this blog. I enjoy so many things and wonder if there’s enough commonality to just tie them all up in one place, or do they need to be in separate sites? I had a fun chat with a very sweet friend last weekend who recommended that I […]

DIY: How to make a Midori style Traveler’s Notebook for under $5!


I have been big time down this whole planner, journal, organization rabbit hole lately. And one thing that is amazing to me is how expensive the Midori Traveler’s notebooks are. There’s no doubt they’re beautiful, and the simple design is so attractive. I love that you can swap in and out any notebooks that serve […]

Blog love! Strange & Charmed: Make your own planner folder insert

Blog Love: Strange & Charmed DIY

The organization obsession continues! Last night I was clicking around and one of the gals in my planner and organization group shared this video on how to make your own folder inserts. Oh my gosh. It’s a craft, a paper craft, and an organizational thing! IT’S ALL THE THINGS!

Loopdedoo Yarn Christmas Tree Chain


A couple of weeks ago my friend Nicole (the fabulous lady in chief at Making It Lovely) and I went shopping. I’ve been really in love with those little wool pom-pom garlands, but while one may not be very expensive, to have enough for a 7 foot tree would really add up. So while we […]

Warby Parker, take two #warbyhometryon


A few weeks back I went for my first round of trying on glasses from Warby Parker. The glasses themselves were cute, but I don’t think I’ve picked good options for my face. So let’s just chalk that last one up to a learning experience.