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A fresh peek at my antique mall booth
Where all the stuff goes when you close a store
A change is coming ~ closing one location, moving to another
Design question: Using industrial light strings in a retail setting?
This weekend’s jewelry event! And furniture painting classes!
VIDEO: Come tour my store!
The 1st segment of American Dealers features Nest Vintage Modern!
It’s kinda like a commercial
I ::heart:: La Grange event
American Dealers

Where all the stuff goes when you close a store

So it’s been 23 days since I closed the shop. Believe it or not my living room looked like this, too. I’ve just been sorting through it every day, bit by bit.

Everything that belonged to anyone else was sitting on the shop counter neatly bundled and labeled. But not everyone got there to pick their stuff up. Unfortunately the movers didn’t exactly put things in my basement in a very organized fashion. Needle in a haystack! Luckily most folks are very understanding.


How overwhelming.


A change is coming ~ closing one location, moving to another

Years ago I had a photo studio and gallery in Pilsen. I loved it. I had a beautiful courtyard, a garden, and wonderful neighbors who inspired me every day. So when I first moved to Brookfield I felt very much like a fish out of water. I didn’t know anyone, especially not any creative professionals. It took a long time to find my place in the area.

One morning I wandered over into Jackson Square Antique Mall. I found so many dealers who had that style I love. They found the neatest treasures and the coolest old furniture. That was about 13 years ago. Ahhh I wanted a booth in there so badly. So I signed up and waited. I wasn’t patient, but I waited anyway. In the meantime I decided to open my shop a couple of years ago. That was an amazing experience on many levels. It’s a business I grew up around. My grandfather had a shop as well as my mom. She still keeps antique booths around Texas and enjoys going hunting for finds to sell. I enjoy that same search and really get a kick out of turning things into something fresh for another person to enjoy in their home.
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Design question: Using industrial light strings in a retail setting?

I’m trying to figure out lighting for the shop. LOATHE the flat paneled fluorescents in the drop ceiling. Yuck. The light is unflattering and not warm or inviting at all. Considering canned or track lighting, but not sure if I can make that kind of permanent installation in the space. Read More

This weekend’s jewelry event! And furniture painting classes!

Hello Friends!

Last week we ordered a bunch-a-bunch-a-BUNCH of fresh jewelry for the shop. There’s something for everyone. A little boho, a little trendy, some arrows, leather Junk Gypsy-style cuffs. C’mon out! I know you’ll find something fun to take home. And the prices on these new lines are really good…an easy treat in these tight times.


Our next furniture painting class is scheduled for Monday, 4/21 at 7pm. Learn how to use a number of paint types (Chalk Paint, Clay Paint, Milk Paint) & techniques, distressing, waxing, and other fun tricks. All materials will be provided, no need to bring a thing. You’ll leave with boards and notes for how to replicate each treatment at home.

$95 covers all materials and 2 hours led by a trained instructor. Call 1-708-469-7863 to book your seat in advance or reserve your seat online:

If you haven’t made it out lately, please stop by and take a video browse of what’s in the shop (just click here).

Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,



The 1st segment of American Dealers features Nest Vintage Modern!

I’m kinda freaking out a little bit. These guys were SO nice and have been so kind to me. It’s exciting to see where all this leads. Please head on over to American Dealers and scope them out. Good, good peeps.

It’s kinda like a commercial

A fun little video tour of Nest Vintage Modern in downtown La Grange, IL. Why don’t ya take a break and enjoy a couple minutes of browsing the shop. :)

I ::heart:: La Grange event

Tomorrow, February 12th, all of downtown La Grange, IL will be aflutter with hearts and specials. Check out the list of retailers below and find some sweet stuff for your sweetie, plus save $5 off $25 at the participating shops.

While you’re strolling, be sure to stop in at Nest Vintage Modern and check out our lovely vintage-style hearts for the love of your life.


American Dealers

About 3 weeks ago I got a really exciting email from this guy named Shawn, who’s working on a show called American Dealers. He explained that he is working with a team who are putting together a pilot season for a new show focused on the stories behind vintage and antiques dealers. -Because each of us is driven and inspired by our own elements, be it a family history or personal passions. It’ll be broadcast via web first with hopes that it’ll be picked up by a network. (I’m lookin’ at you HTGV, History Channel, Discovery Channel!)

We chatted back and forth by email, then by phone, and that led to them coming into my shop for an on-camera interview. Of course now I’m trying to think back on everything I said, how I said it, and hoping I don’t sound like a complete geek. I do know that I am not happy with how I looked, which has led to a really enjoyable new journey where I’ve been tracking my food, learning more about it, and fine tuning toward a healthier way of eating. -Determined to banish that double chin which snuck it’s way onto my body! (When did THAT happen???) Yea 40′s.

Anyway, as I typically do, I digressed. American Dealers is a very exciting new prospect for the shop, of course, but the guys who are working on it are so smart, so focused, and I was so impressed with their vision that I’m cheering them on. I just know they will reach their goals. Go boys, go! I hope you’ll take a minute and check out their Facebook page (click here) and their YouTube channel (click here).

Can I show you the brand new trailer? I’m in there around the :47 mark. EEK!


american dealers: a
Shawn, the very sweet gentleman who interviewed me.

american dealers: alana-still

A still from the interview

american dealers: crew-shoot-pic

Very busy crew guys

american dealers: kelly-alana

A still from the shoot, the wonderful Kelly and I saying “rhubarb” over and over so we look like we’re having an important conversation.

American dealers: wired-for-sound

I’m wired for sound!


I still can’t believe this is happening.

Thank you so much for indulging me while I geek out over this. I hope you’ll follow the American Dealers project.

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