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Blog love! Strange & Charmed: Make your own planner folder insert
DIY: How to make a vintage suitcase table
Free demonstrations of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan at Nest
Cover a globe with buttons, chalkboard paint, or just let it be
That time I painted a Victorian sofa…with PAINT.

Blog love! Strange & Charmed: Make your own planner folder insert

The organization obsession continues!

Last night I was clicking around and one of the gals in my planner and organization group shared this video on how to make your own folder inserts. Oh my gosh. It’s a craft, a paper craft, and an organizational thing! IT’S ALL THE THINGS!
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DIY: How to make a vintage suitcase table

We’ve all seen those cute projects on Pinterest showing coffee tables, night stands, and pet beds made out of vintage suitcases, right? Well it’s probably one of the simplest upcycling projects you could tackle and lots of fun to boot. Here’s one I did recently with a chalkboard top. It’ll work as a cute play table with storage for Matchbox cars, Legos, etc. inside, then a game & drawing surface for tic-tac-toe, hangman, checkers, whathaveya.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 sturdy hard-sided, flat (not tapered) suitcase
4 sets of table leg hardware (find it in the decorative wood section at the hardware store)
4 decorative screw-in table legs, available in several lengths
4 sets of screws and nuts (enough for the holes in your hardware). The hardware comes with short wood screws. You won’t use those.
Paint (if you want it)

Step 1
Paint your suitcase (If you like. The surface of mine was pretty messed up.) I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint with Extra Bond mixed in.



Step 2
Place your hardware for the table legs snug in the corners and mark where the holes will be with a pencil. Then drill the holes for your screws. Do this on all 4 corners.


Step 3
Place the table leg hardware, then push the screws through and tighten a nut on the inside. Do this on all 4 corners.






Step 4
Paint or stain your table legs, then once dry, screw into the table leg hardware.

Step 5
Marvel at your crafty upcycling skills.
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Such an easy and fun project. What do you think?

Free demonstrations of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan at Nest

10/7/13 UPDATE: We are no longer carrying Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. It’s a fabulous, wonderful, lovely product and we hope you’ll continue to seek it out. 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So what the heck is this Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan stuff? Is it for making chalkboards? Can you paint outdoor stuff with it? Do you have to seal it? Can you eat it?

ANSWERS TO THESE MYSTERIES AND MANY OTHERS on Saturday, January 26th. Stop by for day-long demonstrations of this wonderful paint. Get inspired! Pick a color! Go home and make something fabulous!

Word to the wise, once you start using Chalk Paint®, you won’t want to use anything else. I haven’t since I began. I love the finish, the way it feels when you’re painting with it, the complete lack of smell…it’s pretty wonderful stuff. I’m in love and I just know you will be, too.

Where: Nest Vintage Modern 3750 Grand Blvd., Brookfield, IL
When: All day, from 10-6 on Saturday January 26th, 2013
Why: So you can get inspired and have some fun!
How: We’ll demonstrate basic use on scraps of wood or odd pieces of furniture. If you have a specific project in mind, bring in a pic and we’ll help you with colors and ideas.

Click here to learn more about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint »

Cover a globe with buttons, chalkboard paint, or just let it be

Sara and I have been enjoying old globes quite a bit lately. She came into the shop (Sara does lots of picking for Nest) a couple of months ago with a stash of Soviet Union era globes with beautiful Mid-Century typography on them. The colors were just gorgeous. But there was one sad little modern globe, nothing very special. So she took it home and painstakingly covered it (I mean covered it) using hot glue and a metric butt-ton of buttons (see what I did there?).

Button-covered globe

Ok, so my craftiness was totally one-upped, but I don’t mind at all. I’m enjoying the chalkboard paint covered globe I made yesterday.

Chalkboard globe

And you know, if you find an old globe with countries that don’t exist anymore (always a fascinating hunt, spinning around looking at borders) they look awesome in a grouping. Look for different topography color schemes, vintage typography, and varied sizes.

Vintage globe grouping

That time I painted a Victorian sofa…with PAINT.

I recently got into using chalk paints at the shop. I saw a video where another retailer had painted a sofa hot pink, which made my eyes open extra wide as I thought, “NO WAY”. So when Sara showed up one day with an amazing sofa she picked up at a favorite haunt for $20, I kinda figured there was nothing to lose in experimenting.

This is what we started off with. Unfortunately you can’t see how gross the fabric was. Eugh. The paint was going to serve both as visual refreshment and sealer of gross yuckiness.

I chose a teal/green. It took 1 coat for decent coverage, but 2 for perfect, solid color. In the shot below you can see where the paint is still wet. It dries much lighter, but you get that color back when you seal it with wax or the brand’s satin finish.

I painted the wood trim (don’t hate, anti-wood painting people) in dark gray, then did a dry brush of the teal over it so I wouldn’t lose the details in the carving. Then I sealed it with a coat of soft wax.

Once I gave it a coat satin finish, the color really came to life. It changed so dramatically I was literally grinning ear to ear. I love it so much. It reminds me of an old pair of vintage cowgirl boots. The stitching makes it look and feel like worn embossed leather.

Bummed that I had to use a flash on this, but the real color just wasn’t coming through with my camera otherwise.



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