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New blog series: Alana Makes Martha Stewart Crafts
DIY: How to make a Midori style Traveler’s Notebook for under $5!
DIY: how to make teeny tiny bows using a fork
Blog love! Strange & Charmed: Make your own planner folder insert
Free printable: Filofax / DayTimer / Planner page for daily tasks
Loopdedoo Yarn Christmas Tree Chain
Warby Parker, take two #warbyhometryon
The one big home decor secret everyone knows but me
Cute, quick, and easy fall decor project
Tall tables in the living room

New blog series: Alana Makes Martha Stewart Crafts

So I’ve been bouncing around, trying to figure out what my next big creative Mount Everest will be. What’s the next thing I’ll just sink into and surround myself with for awhile?

In the quest for a new creative project, I wandered over to Martha Stewart Crafts and started clicking around. All of a sudden I lit up. “I want to make that! And that! And oooh, I could make that with the kids!” Then I thought, “I’LL JUST MAKE ALL OF IT!” Which led to the idea for “Alana Makes Martha”.

My brain works like that. Let’s take a simple thing and make it a giant mountain to be conquered.


So here we are at the start of the path. This should be fun, eh?

All the love in the world,

PS: Martha in no way endorses or even knows about this. I doubt she’s be excited to watch someone make a mess of her perfectly good plans. So nobody’s getting paid here. This is just for fun.

DIY: How to make a Midori style Traveler’s Notebook for under $5!

I have been big time down this whole planner, journal, organization rabbit hole lately. And one thing that is amazing to me is how expensive the Midori Traveler’s notebooks are. There’s no doubt they’re beautiful, and the simple design is so attractive. I love that you can swap in and out any notebooks that serve your immediate needs. But at 45 bucks a pop, I just can’t drop that money for something that I know I can make myself in under 10 minutes. 

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DIY: how to make teeny tiny bows using a fork

I saw this fabulous diy over on Buzzfeed today and couldn’t wait to give it a try. Read More

Blog love! Strange & Charmed: Make your own planner folder insert

The organization obsession continues!

Last night I was clicking around and one of the gals in my planner and organization group shared this video on how to make your own folder inserts. Oh my gosh. It’s a craft, a paper craft, and an organizational thing! IT’S ALL THE THINGS!
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Free printable: Filofax / DayTimer / Planner page for daily tasks

I apparently insist on cramming my life full of too many activities, so I’m dag-gone determined to wrangle all of it this year. About a year ago I found a spiffy old DayTimer at a thrift shop for 2 bucks (score!) and it’s been sitting with my craft stuff waiting to be put to duty. I started off with the basic inserts, but am now designing my own pages to round it out with some fun and color. Then I thought, “Hey! Why not post this as a free printable for all those Filofax / DayTimer / Planner people out there who dig this stuff?” And then…I DID. Read More

Loopdedoo Yarn Christmas Tree Chain

A couple of weeks ago my friend Nicole (the fabulous lady in chief at Making It Lovely) and I went shopping. I’ve been really in love with those little wool pom-pom garlands, but while one may not be very expensive, to have enough for a 7 foot tree would really add up. So while we were looking around we saw a Christmas tree chain made from loops of yarn. She suggested that I try to make one with one of these Loopdedoo machines and I got to say I think it’s going to work fine! (She’s full of great ideas, that gal.) Obviously it won’t be ready for this year, but we’ll rock it on the tree of 2015!

Keep an eye on Michael’s, because they been running a lot of 40% to 50% off coupons. Otherwise they can run you up to $34-$35. I picked mine up for 15 bucks with a coupon.



I’ll post pics when it’s done.

Warby Parker, take two #warbyhometryon

A few weeks back I went for my first round of trying on glasses from Warby Parker. The glasses themselves were cute, but I don’t think I’ve picked good options for my face. So let’s just chalk that last one up to a learning experience.

I’m liking the second round much better. What do you guys think? Which pair?











The one big home decor secret everyone knows but me

I had such an epiphany the other day. I thought I was being completely brilliant. Why not pack all of the extra cluttery home decor stuff and then use it as your own little shop so you can cycle things in and out of your home to freshen things up?

Well I’m such a freaking genius, apparently everybody already does this.

Why don’t people tell me these things??!

I’ve always tried to put my holiday stuff out alongside all my normal every day decor stuff. I dread decorating for the holidays because it just makes everything look overwhelming.

Who’s in the club where they share all this information secretly and don’t tell the rest of the women these things? Stuff like this is the reason I drink.

So yeah, there. That’s my big break through for housekeeping. Pack stuff up the crap you don’t want to see and pull it back out when you do.

Mind blown.


Cute, quick, and easy fall decor project

Yesterday Will and I took a little trip over to Michael’s just to see what they had. They have these pretty cloches on sale for 60% off. I believe it ended up being about $7.

I don’t get really fussy with my holiday decor but I do like to have some seasonal touches around the house so I like the idea of a cloche because it provides an opportunity for my kids and I to go find some things in nature which represent that season. For example, today Will and I went and found a bunch of colorful leaves. It was fun. We had talks about the leaves, the different shapes, all of the different colors we found, we did some squirrel watching…It made for a really nice walk. For winter we might look for holly leaves or vintage ornaments. At Easter we might blow some eggs out, dye them, and fill it with those.

Do you do anything like this in your home?

Tall tables in the living room

Been flip-flopping for years about whether or not to bring a taller table into our living room instead of the typical low coffee table. I like that they’re a bit more utilitarian and that we could pull our chairs around and play games or whatever. I had an antique drum table in storage that I was going to put in my booth at Jackson Square, but I had Dave bring it in last night just to test it out and see how it looks. What do you think?IMG_9965.JPG

On a related note, I love vintage silver bowls and trays. I grab them whenever I see them for a good price. They make great catchalls for things like remote controls and mail. I don’t even bother polishing them because I think the patina looks pretty.


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